Johann Wolfgang Goethe

"Cuán insensato es el hombre que deja transcurrir el tiempo estérilmente."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

When you think that someone could enter into your heart, you feel weak. 

On my personally case i feel disturb: -I adore this feeling-. It's a new experience on my life; meet a guy who makes you smile more than ever, and don't know the reason. Take his hands, brush his lips, touch his body, discuss of crazy acts that you want to commit with him...
I'm not sure if my acts are coherents, but, who said that all the acts have to be congruents? The biggest memories are made when reason is inactive. When you inspire and expire this magic and unexpected air; plenty of oxygen and particules of madness...
Suddenly, you understand that in life, if you don't open your harms, you can't fly away. 
I always tried to close my emotions, and now, -the war it's on-.

Like an angel (he's an archangel name...), he makes me fly and go around of my convictions; he helped me to forgive and i'm losing my mind, open my emotions and desires... i can discover the best part of him and he would ever know how I AM when he's next to me. I'm the same person, with the difference that i'm terrified because i know what i feel, i want telling him, but, i think he isn't able to understand my mind at this moments... 
Conversely, i think he's not as excited as me. I seem to be cold and no sentimental; but, all the details, are expressed and painted on my brain. All the words he said, are kept on my mind.

However, i'm convince he doesn't know me like he say all times; i'm sure about it. Can read he's mind when he looks at me. Knowing he's wrong when he tries to convince me that i'm not on happiness or i have to mature... This is his point of view, i respect all that he thinks, says and doesn't tell to me; even if i'm intrigued when he decides to stop his sentences and abolish to me the most important part of his feelings and thoughts...

I'm so sure and proud of me; my feelings, acts an reactions, that confirms to me he's wrong thinking this... If he could enter into my mind and read her, he would recognize it.

Probably, one day, he'll discover the -REALITY-

Maybe, once in a lifetime.

I just want to say that, day to day, i fill the cup with new ENERGY and it's amazing: feel the cup shatter, 'cause this energy it's too intense to support her volume.

Hope, this volume will grow a lot, infinitely.