Johann Wolfgang Goethe

"Cuán insensato es el hombre que deja transcurrir el tiempo estérilmente."

Monday, January 30, 2012

Skinny girl...

Es incómodo a veces, cuando percibes que te ven como un trozo de carne recién salido del asador. No es necesario que te des la vuelta para saber que sus miradas van siempre direccionadas hacia los mismos lugares de tu silhueta.
Subes las escaleras y ahí están, acechándote como si fueras una presa.
No hacen falta escotes, ni pantalones ajustados, su imaginación ya vagabundea por sí sola hasta que sobrepasan el límite y tu instinto dice -basta-.

It's my body, and y don't care what they think about him; but, instead, the person what i'm interest of, always tells to me that i'm so skinny and must to gain weight. It's not easy, 'cause i always have been like i am, skinny or not, i eat and do sport all time; it's my hobby, like travel. I'm very active and have to do wide variety of activities all time. If i'm doing nothing in movement in a day, i feel worried, except when i read, listen music, watch TV... We have time for everything we want.
And i don't stop. It's my philosophy of life, don't stop even i have to sleep i prefer to continue finishing what i was doing before going to bed.
Love pass my time sporting, chatting with friends drinking beers and walking on the street.
Dancing on the discotheque, at home or anywhere like a crazy happy adolescent.
Climbing lampposts and doing everything who arrives on my mind...
Never stop smiling, living and laughing. 
When i was a child, it was the same. Even if i eat at all times on a current day, my activity doesn't let me change my body.
There are people on oversize, people on their size and people undersize.
I consider, in my situation, that i'm on my size.
My experience everyday, proves to me that i'm attractive for a lot of guys, and they often look my backside with desire...
It's a question of pleasures isn't it? I don't care...
I just want he to desire me. And i know he does.

My parents tell me everyday i'm an spaghetti. So, if i look like that, i have a huge self-stime 'cause i'm natural, never doing diets, and having a health life. The importance resides on being you.
All that words said, i can't change who i'm (because i don't want), and i love how i look.
Don't look at myself on mirrors more than twice a day, but when i see my person, i think: you're gorgeous.

This is what every girl must to think when she looks at herself.
And what the others say... it's only their opinion, nothing relevant.

Estimate yourself and be proud of all your values is the best you can do.

And the person who loves you would love all the parts of your body.