Johann Wolfgang Goethe

"Cuán insensato es el hombre que deja transcurrir el tiempo estérilmente."

Friday, September 21, 2012

Have I told you I ache for you?

Sometimes, we must to understand that life is not about the pursuit of happiness, it's about love.

Love of family, friends; love of HIM.

He makes you smile even when he's not next to you.
You remind the moments you spent together and can't imagine another person like he's.

No one can makes you feel this sensation without sense: pleasure, passion, energy, optimism... You gave me all of this. And then, you let me go.

The pass represents my present but I would not live in there. I'm prepare to close the old book and beging a new.

Probably it will be the opposite, probably It will be hard to find someone who revives on me this emotions, but, I don't want another chance with you.
I want another chance with me to find my place.

Life it's about live any day how it was the last, and take all the opportunities on time.